VP of Domestic Sales

Location: Hudsonville, Michigan

We have been retained by our client to seek a VP of Domestic Sales to support the company’s vision for growth. As a key member of the management team, the VP of Domestic Sales will be responsible for leading a sales team to promote success with existing clients and prospects, as well as promoting innovative ideas to lead the team to higher growth. Our client is working to move away from a transactional vendor role, and more towards a consultative partner with their customers and prospects. The VP of Sales will be a key leader in this initiative. The VP of Domestic Sales will be expected to transition between hands-on and strategic activities. S/he will be a coach and mentor to the team so that everyone grows and transforms their message to effectively win more customers and build stronger relationships with existing customers.


  • Work with the Sr. VP of Sales to ensure sales team collaboration to ensure that the optimal product development mix is represented.
  • Ensure collaboration with the other Business Units (SBU’s) to ensure that sales opportunities are identified, qualified and actioned by the SBU having the greatest opportunity for success.
  • Work with the Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing to develop “Disruptive Sales Strategies”
  • Strategically evaluate the value chain to identify strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats for the competitors and the company’s products. Identify the “secret sauce” of the value chain and make adjustments with product innovation, disruptive marketing, and strategic/consultative sales approaches.
  • Capitalize on and promote the company’s focused, consistent and strategic approach to the market. Continue to earn business due to the company’s stellar reputation for service, innovation, consultative approach, and quality.
  • Engage in the business as an “owner” and a true consultative partner to the executive leadership team and stakeholders. Develop solutions and offer strategic guidance to the stakeholders to position the company for continued success.

Sales Process, Strategy & Market Relationships:

  • Develop in conjunction with the Regional Sales Managers (RSMs), Business Development Managers (BDMs), Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Head of Marketing, the annual sales plan (including strategic objectives) taking into account new products, marketing initiatives, and emerging business opportunities.
  • With input from the team, set volume estimations for new products launches. Additionally, set pricing, distribution discount levels, etc.
  • Continue to shift the sales process away from a transaction/price focused B2B relationship to a consultative conversation.
  • Identify unique sales approaches/strategies/incentives for both the internal sales team and dealer relationships to meet and exceed sales goals.
  • Work closely with the distributors and OEMs to understand how to continue improving service levels, processes and build deeper relationships. Identify how to build upon this mutually beneficial relationship to capture increased mindshare and loyalty.
  • Establish sales/marketing initiatives and programs to foster, educate and build a deeper relationship with end-users (B2C). Take the relationship beyond the distributors and independent resellers.
  • With focused revenue growth initiatives, identify different resources along with capabilities (while maintaining flexibility), that will position the company for success.
  • Responsibility for day-to-day budgeting, sales planning and forecasting.
  • Collaborate with the other business unit leaders.

Leadership & Training:

  • Coach and mentor the existing salesforce on consultative sales approaches to promote and position the full-circle solution.
  • Assess the strengths of the team and bring a unique perspective to the sales process and relationships with the customer.
  • Lead, guide and mentor the sales team in this evolving, dynamic, and non-static market. Put in place measurable KPIs to measure the success of the team and hold them accountable to the outlined goals.
  • Conduct annual personnel reviews of direct reports, succession planning for key team members and forward-looking resource planning to support future growth objectives.
  • Identify training needs that would either improve a sales resource personally or that would enable a sales resource/team to become more effective.
  • Provide and/or work with outside entities to provide training to sales staff to meet strategic objectives.
  • Travel with DSMs and RSMs to understand gaps to best practices and provide countermeasures.
  • Set annual budgets for the sales team (salaries, bonus, samples, T&E, training, marketing, etc.) for review and approval by Sr. VP of Sales.


  • Sales experience in a distribution channel environment
  • Patience and persistence
  • Ability to adapt to a global role over time
  • Ability to manage displays for trade shows
  • Good listener
  • Creative and multiple “tools in the toolbox” to lead the company to continued success
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Inquisitive – strong desire to research to learn and understand
  • Bachelor Degree in Business or Marketing; Master’s Degree in Business Administration degree is desired.
  • Experience in branded sales working with distribution preferred, international experience a plus
  • Government services, a plus
  • Ability to travel 20%+

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