Run-of-the-mill recruiters find run-of-the-mill candidates.

We recognize that finding a good “fit” goes beyond writing a job description or screening resumes. Chemistry and culture are everything. We provide a consultative approach customized to meet the needs of each client. Our expansive and loyal network of industry connections results in candidate referrals not found through traditional sources. Every step of our “white glove” recruiting process is designed to create a positive client and candidate experience. We impact businesses every day with our product – exceptionally matched talent.

What sets Purple Squirrel Advisors apart?

  • Providing a hands-on consultative approach that protects your brand throughout the hiring process while focusing on “fit”
  • Valuing the human element of the recruiting process
  • Identifying the “Purple Squirrel” including niche skills and hiring in difficult markets
  • Building long-term relationships with clients by providing transparency and objectivity throughout every engagement
  • Utilizing our expansive and loyal network which includes CFO Next, Detroit’s premier networking group for senior financial executives
  • Backing every placement with guarantees that exceed industry standards