Head of Marketing

Location: Hudsonville, Michigan 

We have been retained by our client to seek a “Head of Marketing” to support the company’s vision for growth. The Head of Marketing will work closely with the executive and sales team to design and execute a marketing and sales strategy to drive market share and continue to differentiate the company in the marketplace. The Head of Marketing will work closely with end users to truly understand customer needs in order to further differentiate the company from the competition. He/she will assess new market, product and technology opportunities while identifying and building the marketing programs to achieve long term growth to meet annual revenue and profitability goals. He/she will focus on the development of customer relationships with emerging technologies in social media and digital marketing. The Head of Marketing will have the autonomy and creative ability to build and execute a strategic, full-circle, comprehensive, disruptive marketing program.


  • Measure outcomes and results of marketing and sales efforts to further guide the investment strategies of the business. Ensure that marketing activities are positioned to yield results aligned with the company vision and goals.
  • Articulate the marketing strategy with a clear vision for success to all stakeholders.
  • Truly understand the “voice of the customer” to learn the differentiators (customer service, quality, safety, etc.) in their minds. Identify the core differentiators and develop marketing communications to support and leverage the position in the market.
  • Work closely with the leadership team so there is more clarity, understanding and visibility surrounding the vision and strategy. Assess where there are aligned or misaligned business goals, partnerships, etc.
  • Evaluate the competitive position in the market from a wide variety of data-points including price, performance, quality, etc.
  • The strategic ability to plan, build and execute a full-circle, comprehensive, disruptive marketing program focused on developing B2B relationships, in new market segments, with emerging technologies in social media and digital marketing.
  • Identify and execute a full-circle digital/social media program to reach new and existing customers and to further engage them with the brand. Get to know the customers through this channel to deepen the relationship and further customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Use creative, innovative and progressive marketing tactics and strategies to connect and engage with customers.
  • Assess the current trade show participation, prospect opportunities, and booth design. Develop a strategy to continue to be unique, innovative and capture attention at these events.
  • Work closely to develop the messaging, content and presentations with the SMEs who are presenting at tradeshows.
  • Engage and creatively inspire the organization to understand the value of the marketing strategy.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the consolidation of the distributor network. Work closely with the leadership team to identify the best approach to market to this audience given the consolidation and changing dynamics.
  • Establish methods and programs to foster and build a deeper relationship with the end-users (B2C).
  • Over time, identify opportunities to capitalize on marketing/positioning of products in North America and reposition messaging for different geographic markets.


  • Strategic, creative, innovative and forward-thinking expertise.
  • Hand’s on and tactical – the ability to execute on the marketing plan and vision with well-crafted and strategic marketing programs and initiatives.
  • Marketing expertise in a B2B environment of an equal or larger size to our client
  • Deep experience and knowledge of disruptive marketing ideas/programs.
  • Ability to create and adhere to a marketing budget.
  • The ability to travel (international and domestic) 15-20%
  • A degree in Marketing
  • An IT minor or deep expertise and knowledge of IT/Digital marketing solutions.

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